Brand Street

Brand Street

On Site

Glasgow Housing Association

Value £10.5m

Scottish Government

Collective Architecture were commissioned by Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) to develop proposals for new housing on the former Govan Tram Depot in Cessnock. The site is currently vacant except for an existing two storey red sandstone building to Harvie Street. There is a total of 105 units across the new build and refurbished building (85 new build and 20 refurbishment units). The mix of accomodation includes terraced houses, cottage flats and flatted blocks.

The key approaches to the layout of the site were the completion of the block, continuing existing tenement building line and creating a built edge to Brand Street. Pedestrian friendly access was provided by continuing Clutha Street through the site to connect with Brand Street. The new road is cranked rather than straight creating a series of “squares” which help to slow down traffic. A further element is the introduction of a small linear pocket park at the Brand Street entrance which provides an overlooked amenity space for the residents.

The blocks along Brand Street and on Clutha Street are four storey, matching the height of the surrounding tenements. The blocks step down in height as they move towards the centre of the site, changing from flats to two storey cottage flats and houses. This has the effect of creating a more domestic scaled block in addition to allowing light into the middle of the development to ensure sunlight effectively reaches the gardens, pocket park and courtyard area.

While the sandstone facade of the refurbished block will be retained the rear facade, constructed of standard red facing brick, will be clad in a white insulated render panel with the entrances defined with a series of coloured panels referencing the colours of the old trams. This creates a clear break between the “old building” and the new works.