Anderston Regeneration Phases 4 & 5
Anderston, Glasgow

Anderston Regeneration Phases 4 & 5
Anderston, Glasgow

On Site

Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association

Value £25m

Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association partnering Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council

Collective Architecture are currently on site with Anderston Phases 4 & 5 on behalf of Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association. The proposals for 206 new build flats, with a mixed tenure of social rent and mid market rent, will complete the overall masterplan for the regeneration of Anderston.

The final phases of the regeneration are located within a site which includes an important junction with St Vincent Street, a major arterial road into the city centre. The site is currently occupied by large 10 storey prefabricated slab blocks, set back from St Vincent Street, as well as a number of smaller 4 storey blocks.

This city centre area of Glasgow has undergone significant redevelopment over the past 8 years, and the completed masterplan will provide over 500 new homes for existing residents, replacing outdated and sub standard housing stock.

Proposals seek to reinstate the historic Victorian street pattern which was eradicated by comprehensive redevelopment in the 1960’s, and which led to the loss of tenements, churches and a significant section of Argyle Street.

Collective Architecture’s submitted proposals employ a simple palette of materials to articulate double fronted blocks of flats, set within public open space. Each of the 5 blocks of flats is designed to address two frontages, with street elevations as well as garden elevations overlooking generous amenity spaces open to the public. Part of the site has also been designed as a car free development.

Two 6 and 7 storey brick buildings form a strong edge to the reinstated missing section of Argyle Street at the heart of the site. Two 5 storey buildings along St Vincent Street have sandstone elevations which reflect the existing tenements directly opposite. These are completed with a grey brick to the garden elevations, which is carried over to a further 4 storey block which addresses a second new pedestrian street.

The reinstated section of Argyle Street will provide pedestrian and cycle access to the rest of Anderston and connect to new amenity spaces which are to be built across the whole of the site. South facing gardens are also provided to the southern edge of the site for recreation and play.