Solving The Housing Crisis in Scotland

Posted on October 06, 2020

'Solving The Housing Crisis in Scotland' was a webinar event which focused on the issue of how to accelerate the delivery of affordable housing across Scotland to meet growing demands.

The webinar aimed to tackle some of the constraints – discussing and debating with experts and affordable housing developers on what needs to happen, how we can accelerate development, how modern methods of construction might play a part, what changes to planning might help and much more...

The event was hosted online by Built Environment Networking, with a short presentations from each key speaker and opportunities for live Q&A and interaction.  Architect and Employee Elected Trustee, Fiona Welch represented Collective Architecture alongside, Jackie McIntosh from Wheatley Group, Ken Ross from RDRL. 

Fiona did an introduction to our practice, and spoke passionately on key themes which run through all our projects; People, Place, Environment and our Process.

It was particularly positive that all the speakers were focused on sustainabity and tackling the climate emergency, and had a firm focus on understanding how much the construction industry needs to adapt to reach the target of Net Zero.

A quote from Fiona's presentation by Urbanist Jan Gehl;

“First life, then spaces, then buildings: the other way around never works”