Employee Ownership Day

Posted on June 28, 2019

Today is Employee Ownership Day and Collective Architecture is celebrating 12 years of 100% ownership.

We started the day hanging out a few banners at Bell Street Stables, our freshly completed housing project for Wheatley Group, and will end with a few celebratory drinks this evening!

Our 49-strong team operates as a collective, a Limited Company owned by an employee-run trust. Employee ownership empowers all staff to engage with and influence key decisions on the direction of the company. Everyone is invested in our future success and we share a commitment to work hard to make that happen.

Consistently we are told that employee ownership is a key incentive in applying for a job at Collective Architecture. Staff feel directly connected to the impact their work has on the success of the company, resulting in an engaged and motivated workforce who are passionate about our projects and the communities we work within. Recognition from awards and positive feedback from clients is shared with the whole company, to acknowledge the contribution that every individual makes towards our collective success.

For more information on becoming Employee Owned visit; Employee Ownership Association.

For further reading on our our founding principles, our organisational structure and working methods, please see the attached link for the full publication 'Crafting and Grafting' ; http://architectureireland.ie/digital-edition-landing-page

Photo; Collective Architecture's Glasgow team hanging out EO banners at our recently completed housing development at Bell Street Stables in Glasgow's Merchant City | Client; Wheatley Group | Contractor; CCG