Toronto Primary School, LivingstonAs part of West Lothian...

Posted on August 31, 2015




Toronto Primary School, Livingston

As part of West Lothian Council’s ambitious schools programme, Collective Architecture, in collaboration with consultants Scott Bennett Associates and EDP Consulting Engineers, are developing proposals to expand the existing Toronto Primary School in Livingston.

The proposed expansion and development of the school’s facilities has maintained the unique physical character and immediacy of the schools grounds and green avenues whilst reinforcing the internal pedestrian street of the school. The existing classrooms are formed around central sunroom clusters, with the central spine knitting together each level and activity zone. The proposed development interlocks with this inner street and in turn provides a new accessible main entrance to the school.

The development comprises of a new monolithic textured precast concrete Games Hall that opens up to the school playing fields. The textured concrete band is punctured only at high level by way of glazed Reglit apertures. The concrete wraps the entire base of the proposed extension, with the exception of the Main Staff Office, which is over-clad in Vitreous Enamel, signifying the school’s branding colour.

External landscaping and a re-routed vehicular and pedestrian entrance provides full accessibility into the new school entrance, which acts as the heart of the new development. The new inner street which extends the existing corridor comprises of new Main Office, Head Teacher Office and Assistant Head Teacher Office, as well as Janitors Office, Changing Facilities and accessible access to the existing Nursery.