Collective Architecture today unveiled The Anderston Mural,...

Posted on December 04, 2015


Collective Architecture today unveiled The Anderston Mural, which is part of a major regeneration project in Glasgow’s Anderston area. The mural is a collaboration between Stage 3 students at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Collective Architecture and Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association, and was fabricated by Sculpture and Design.

Ten ‘Mac’ students ran creative workshops to get inspiration from all age groups. Cranstonhill Nursery School, Anderston Primary School, St Patrick’s Primary School, Glasgow Gaelic School, Anderston Youth Café and Anderston Kelvingrove Church lunch club all influenced the final design.

GSA student Quyen Phan said: “At every workshop it was abundantly clear how proud residents are of Anderston. The mural attempts to capture the pride evident in each generation.”

The Architecture students worked with school pupils and community groups to develop the ideas and design for the mural which has tapped into the rich history of the area. The mural was formally unveiled by Glasgow’s Lord Provost, Sadie Docherty.

“The students are thrilled with the outcome of a project many months in the planning" says GSA tutor Nick Walker of Collective Architecture who helped guide the process to its conclusion. “The finished mural is testament to the group’s hard work in researching, consulting and ultimately designing an artwork that embodies Anderston’s past, present and future.”

The project is part of an initiative that harnesses the opportunities offered by the GSA’s Architecture School staff who also work in practice.

Gordon Laurie, director – Sanctuary in Scotland, said: “This wonderful artwork is a welcome addition to our award-winning regeneration project.

“We are delighted the students consulted Anderston residents and used their work in the final design.”

A crowd gathered to see the mural formally unveiled by Glasgow Lord Provost Sadie Docherty.

Ms Docherty said: “It’s a privilege to witness the wonderful work you have helped create.

“The mural is an exciting creative collaboration that we can all enjoy for decades to come.”