Seven Lochs Wetland Park Award - Collective Architecture’s...

Posted on May 30, 2012


Seven Lochs Wetland Park Award -

Collective Architecture’s project for the Seven Lochs Wetland Park won the Placemaking and Masterplanning Award at the 2012 Scottish Design Awards, which was held in Glasgow on Friday the 25th of May. This is the second award for the project, which also won Silver in the Placemaking and Masterplanning Category at the 2011 Roses Design Awards. Collective Architecture are undertaking the project on behalf of their client the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership.

The Seven Lochs Wetland Park masterplan and visioning study puts forward proposals for a new wetland park of national significance to the east of Glasgow. The site of the proposed wetland park is a 16.5 square kilometre area which lies within the boundaries of both Glasgow City Council and North Lanarkshire Council. The Seven Lochs Wetland Park offers an innovative model for a park, with its unique combination of habitat and wildlife preservation, opportunities for recreation, and the integration of new housing. As a result of its size and location, the proposed park is ideally placed to create a countryside experience for visitors from urban areas to participate in activities that engage with nature