Collective’s Ewan Imrie is one of 6 artists and designers...

Posted on August 28, 2012


Collective’s Ewan Imrie is one of 6 artists and designers working with immunologists to create artworks for the ‘Going Viral’ art-science project. The Project opens at the Glasgow Science Centre on the 6th September and runs until the 21st October. Ewans’s installation acts as a 'host body’ for the exhibition, providing a space, within a space, within a space, which will frame the artist’s interventions inside and outside the structure.

“Going Viral is an innovative art-science project. It is the culmination of a collaborative programme of work undertaken by 6 artists and 4 immunologists. Through their joint exploration of key functions of our immune system - and the daily battles it fights - the Going Viral artists have produced artworks that consider, question, interpret and present the immunology they have researched.

Going Viral begins as an exhibition comprising stories, film, sculpture, images and music. The experiences and encounters of those who visit it will spread, virus like, across real and virtual networks and will continue to grow beyond the life of the exhibition.”

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